Android Utility v111 MediaTek Rapair Tool

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MediaTek Rapair Tool Latest Version 2023
Android Utility v111, the latest version of the popular Android utility applications, adds new features and updates. This program was developed to help users manage their Android devices better by performing various operations like firmwares update and bootloader unlock and dead boot repair. This post will look at the latest features and improvements of the Android utility always
Android Utility v111 Latest Version 2023 MediaTek Rapair Tool

Disable MTK One-Click DM-Verity Corruption

 One of the features added in Android Utility V111 is to disable DM-Verity corruption with MTK One Click. This feature is intended to help users remove corrupted DM-Verity after unlocking the bootloader on their device. Anyone who wants to use a custom ROM for their phone can use this feature. This is because DM-Verity prevents the device from loading the latest custom ROM.

 Xiaomi Firmware via Fastboot Mode

 Another feature added in Android Utility V111 is to install Xiaomi firmware via fastboot mode. This feature is available on QCOM and MTK devices. However, it requires BL unlock  to work. This feature allows users to flash  firmware on  Xiaomi smartphones  without installing any additional software.

 Separate Samsung Flash section in download mode

 Android Utility V111 also has an update feature that allows users to flash a single partition on  Samsung devices using download mode. various formats such as .bin, .img and lz4.tar. User can flash partition such as recovery and system boot.

 Samsung MTK Bootloader Repair

 Android Tool V111 also provides a  new way to use Samsung MTK Dynamic Boot Repair on various models.

Samsung flashing

 This feature is compatible with single or multiple (4 files) and TAR ROMs. Normal raw images and lz4 flash images are fast because the ODIN protocol is perfectly applied. This feature allows you to  flash custom ROMs and kernels and restore  Samsung devices.
 Disable and re-enable MediaTek
  Android Utility V111 also added support for MediaTek devices. You can now disable the orange status notifications displayed on your device. Disable benefits for users who want to root or change system files. Users can also re-enable orange status messages if needed.

 Xiaomi MediaTek OTA Update

Xiaomi devices with MediaTek chipset, Android Utility V111 now provides an options to disable OTA updates. Users who want to avoid installing updates that could break custom ROMs or make other changes can benefit from this feature. The tool also gives users the option to re-enable OTA updates if needed.

Change Android boot location

 Another new feature in Android V111 Gadget Android V111 is the ability to switch Android boot location (A/B) from fastboot to fastboot mode. Those who want to switch to an alternate boot location without restarting the device may find this feature useful.

 ADB restarts in recovery mode

 Android Utility V111 includes the ability to boot your device directly into recovery mode with ADB. This is a great feature for those who want to enter recovery mode without any physical buttons on their device.

 Redmi Note 5G (Evergo) Unlock/relock bootloader with one click

 Android Widget V111 will also includes beta supported for Redmi Note 5G (Evergo) bootloader one-click unlocking and re-locking for all MIUI12, MIUI13 and MIUI14 versions. This add-on will  support Evergreen in a future version as well and the feature will be re-tested.

Improved Samsung A03 Core (A035F and A032F)

reboot recovery procedure over USB.
 also contains improved USB  boot fix process on Samsung A03 Core (A035F & A032F) devices. This feature helps users to restore their devices in full condition and is a useful option for service centers and technicians.

Changelog :

* added load factory fastboot (Temp BL unlock) for HiSilicon Kirin 710F chipset :

– Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus (STK-AL00)

– Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus (STK-TL00)

– Huawei P Smart Z (STK-LX1)

– Huawei Y9 Prime (2019) (STK-L21M)

– Huawei Y9s (STK-L21)

– Huawei Y9s (STK-L22)

– Huawei Y9s (STK-LX3)

– Huawei Honor 30i (LRA-LX1)

– Huawei Honor 9X (HLK-AL00)

– Huawei Honor Play 3 (ASK-AL00x)

– Huawei P Smart 2020 (FIG-LX1)

– Huawei P Smart Pro 2018 (POT-LX1)

– Huawei P40 lite E (ART-L28)

– Huawei P40 lite E (ART-L29)

– Huawei P40 lite E (ART-L29N)

– Huawei Y7p (ART-L28)

– Huawei Y7p (ART-L29)

– Huawei Y8p (AQM-LX1)

– Huawei P Smart S (AQM-LX1)

– Huawei Enjoy 10s (AQM-AL00)

– Huawei Enjoy 10s (AQM-TL00)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-LX1)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-LX2)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-LX3)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-LX1U)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-AL00)

– Huawei Nova 5i (GLK-TL00)

– Huawei Honor 20 lite (China) (LRA-AL00)

– Huawei Honor 20 lite (China) (LRA-TL00)

– Huawei Honor 9X Lite (JSN-L21)

– Huawei Honor 9X Lite (JSN-L22)

– Huawei Honor 9X Lite (JSN-L23)

@ Tetsed on (STK-L21MDV


* Lot of improvement applied to (HiSilicon TEMP BL Unlock via USB1.0) procedure.

* Lot of improvement applied to (Activate Browser via MTP) procedure.

* Lot of improvement applied to (Huawei UPDATE.APP to [xml/scatter] FW) procedure.

* Lot of improvement applied to (Samsung Activate ADB via MTP – test mode) procedure.

@ Tetsed on (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998U) & Samsung Galaxy A02 (SM-A022F) – latest SEC),

to perform the operation smoothly, you need to use both options (Samsung Activate ADB (MTP) & Samsung Activate ADB New SEC (MTP)).


* added Samsung Galaxy A03 A035F U4 (A035FXXU4CWF3) dead boot repair via USB.

* added Samsung Galaxy A03-LA A035M S3 dead boot repair via USB.

* Samsung Galaxy A03 Core A032M Latin American version boot repair will be added in the upcoming version.

* Samsung Enable ADB via MTP (2023 SEC Patches) will be added in the upcoming version.

* Samsung Download mode safe factory reset will be added in the upcoming version.

* Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 710A chipset temp BL unlock will be added in the upcoming version.

* This software was made for educational purposes only,

we allow the use of it under certain circumstances & it’s provided ‘as-is’,

without any express or implied warranty.

In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software,

please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones,

and must not be used for illegal purposes.

* USE it at your own risk.

🆗 Android Utility v111 Latest Version 2023

password: mfdl


 Important to remember: Android version 103:11.04.2023 Widgets are for educational purposes only. The manufacturer of the device is not responsible for any damage caused by using the device. It is important to use the device only for legitimate cell phone service and maintenance purposes and not for illegal use. Tools used by Android Utilities are liable for any damage for which the developer is not responsible.
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