Redmi 10 (Selene) imei Baseband Unknown (NvData Corrupted Fix)

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Redmi 10 (Selene) imei Baseband Unknown (NvData Corrupted Fix)

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Redmi 10 (Selene) imei Baseband Unknown (NvData Corrupted Fix)


How To Repair imei Xiaomi MTK Mobile?

Repairing IMEI( International Mobile Equipment Identity) on a Xiaomi MTK( MediaTek) phone can be done using a tool called” SN Writer” or” Maui META” along with a compatible USB string. Then is a general companion on how to repair IMEI on a Xiaomi MTK phone 
 Please note that changing or repairing IMEI without proper authorization or legal reasons may be illegal in some authorities. insure you’re following the laws and regulations of your country. 
 1. Download and install the necessary motorists for your Xiaomi MTK phone on your computer. You can generally find these motorists on the sanctioned Xiaomi website or other estimable sources. 
 2. Download and install SN Writer( SN IMEI pen) or Maui META on your computer. These tools are specifically designed for MediaTek( MTK) bias, which are generally used in Xiaomi MTK phones. Make sure you download the rearmost interpretation from a trusted source. 
 3. Enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi MTK phone. Go to Settings> About Phone and valve on the MIUI interpretation 7 times to enable inventor options. also, go to Settings> fresh Settings> inventor options and enable USB Debugging. 
 4. Power off your Xiaomi MTK phone. 
 5. Launch SN Writer or Maui META on your computer. It may bear executive boons to run duly. 
 6. In SN Writer or Maui META, click on the” ComPort” drop- down menu and elect the applicable COM harborage associated with your connected Xiaomi MTK phone. 
 7. Click on the” Target Type” drop- down menu and elect” Smartphone”. 
 8. Connect your powered- off Xiaomi MTK phone to your computer using a compatible USB string. 
 9. In SN Writer or Maui META, click on the” IMEI” section and enter the new IMEI number that you want to write to your Xiaomi MTK phone. Make sure to enter a valid and unique IMEI numbers. You can find IMEI figures from the original packaging, on the reverse of the device, or by telephoning *# 06# on your Xiaomi MTK phone. 
 10. Leave other settings in SN Writer or Maui META as dereliction unless you have specific conditions. 
 11. Click on the” launch” button in SN Writer or Maui META to begin the IMEI form process. It may take a many moments to complete. 
 12. Once the process is complete, you should see a success communication in SN Writer or Maui META. dissociate your Xiaomi MTK phone from the computer. 
 13. Power on your Xiaomi MTK phone, and the new IMEI number should be applied. 
 Flash back, IMEI form should only be performed for licit reasons, similar as fixing a lost or corrupted IMEI. It’s essential to follow the laws and regulations of your country regarding IMEI form to avoid any legal issues. 

  File Information

  Brand    Xiaomi                                                       
  Model   Redmi 10 (Selene)                             
  Adroid Version                               11
  Phone Cpu    MediaTek
  Flash Tools    Cm2/Unlock Tools
  File Size   1.1 MB
  Uploaded   Google Drive
  Status   Free File

  How to Flash 

Follow This Method 
1. Trun Of Your Mobile
2. Press Volume Up & Down and Connect Usb
3. Use 2Tools Cm2 or Unlock Tools

Redmi 10 (Selene) imei Baseband Unknown (NvData Corrupted Fix)

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